Harbingers In The Fountain Review!

September 20, 2009

This is my review of Harbingers in the Fountain.

Let's start with a little game- Hart VS Viewers!

The season premiere was just awesome. One for Hart!

It fulfilled ALMOST ALL the spoilers! One for Hart!

There was NO KISS & NO REAL ROMANCE. One for Viewers!

The almost kiss wasn't even meant for the lips! One for Viewers!

Booth. LIKES. CLOWNS. 1,429,610 points for Viewers!

We pwn Hart.


The episode made me squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Cyndi Lauper did an amazing job as the psychic. The beginning scene was so wonderfully done.

"I see a sick man in the hospital. He takes refuge in a dream life. You're there, in the dream, and you're helping him to create that dream life by telling him a story. You're both so happy in the story, so happy it's almost sad when he wakes up."

After some convo, she follows with:

"The man whose life you saved is really excited to see you again."

Avalon is deeeeeep. :)

Ok, so we know Cyndi Lauper can totally act. Now let's focus on the main characters.

Booth Overview

Overall Change Rating: 80%

Booth is way different, don't you think? It's actually a little scary.

Type of Change #1- Clothing

No more Cocky.....:( And no more flashy ties. At least we got the socks back, though! We always loved Booth's fashion sense, from the rainbow ties to belt buckles that are used to blow up things, he knows how to pick em. Now, they've disappeared in that bruised brain of his, and we fear we'll never see them again.

Type Of Change #2- Speech

H-He's t-talking l-like th-this. We hear Booth stuttering and repeating things constantly in HITF. Take the 2nd scene, for example.

"You are now fit for duty."

"I'm fit for duty!"

See? So sad.

Type Of Change #3- CLOWNS.

He likes clowns.

'Nuff said.

There's just a few. We know he's changing, but he's still the same old Booth deep inside...right?

Brennan Overview

Overall Change Rating: 4%

Yes, not much.

But she has been different- She's becoming more adept at the social thing. Like, she seems more...able to chat. Like, yes, she's still literal, but it seems since season 4 she's taken a step forward. I might just be imagining things. I tend to do that. :)

THERE YOU HAVE IT! Bones Season 5 premiere in a nutshell. Thanks for reading!



New Bones Episode Sept. 17!!

July 22, 2009
'Harbingers in the Fountain'!

The sides say there will be a much awaited resuce of Bones by Booth and a kiss!!!

But you can't always believe Hart Hanson and his army of lying crew. So we can't get our hopes too high.

Keep reading for more updates!

Officially 58 days until the season 5 premeire! YAY!
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Season 5! bum bum buuuuuuuuuum

July 18, 2009

I really am starting to dislike Hart Hanson.

He better pull through with his season 5 pilot.....

Or I will be seriously urked.

Agree? Post in the Chat!
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June 30, 2009
Hello, fellow 'Brennanites'! (lol)

Yeah, quotes. :P

Hmm. I happen to have the song Thunder stuck in my head right now. Going throughalmost a toatl cram session to learn the lyrics. xD

Remember to check out the chat room if you wanna post suggestions, questions or comments. I would love to hear from you!

Adios, my friends! 
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June 20, 2009


How might you all be? :) I hope to see some more activity on this site now that I've been advertizing a bit. I also hope to be more active on the site, so more posts are a 'comin! :)

Seeeeeeeee you all later! :)

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Welcome to my Blog!

March 14, 2009
I decided to make a blog so I can post current events and stuff for you guys without having to edit the entire site...I will be putting up a 'Chat' page so you can post things as you please. :)

Well, Ta Ta for now! Make sure to tune in to Bones on 3/19/09 for 'The Salt in The Wounds'!
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