Diving Too Deep


(We see a plane moving through the sky, we fade to white, and we appear on the coast of the Mediteranian. Brennan enters the shot, wearing a wetsuit and a pair of goggles are in her hand. Ben, a acheologist intern here on the diving trip, Dr. Bradley who is the lead archeologist, and Dr. Jamison, his assistant, stand under a tent. Ben looks over, notices Brennan and smiles. He walks over to greet her. )

Ben: Welcome, Dr.Brennan! We were awaiting your arrival.

Brennan: I hope I didn't halt your schedule.

Ben: No, no, no, no, no, we're on time. And we should be able to start in a few minutes.

(Brennan follows Ben over to the table under the tent. He hands her her gear.)

Brennan: (puts it on as she talks) So you're the intern Dr. Bradley was talking about?

Ben: Yes, that's right.

Brennan: Well I congratulate you for being chosen.

Ben: It took alot of hard work.

Brennan: I would expect so. (pauses) Hey, can I ask you somthing?

Ben: Sure.

Brennan: Do you think this was a good choice for a vacation?

Ben: Of course. Doing somthing you love is a vacation for me. What about you?

Brennan: Well, my partner disagrees, he thinks a vacation is supposed to be relaxing and the opposite of work.

Ben: Well, to me, this isn't work. I'd be looking through ancient pots or somthing if I wasn't here.

Brennan: I'd be examining a set of remains.

Ben: So, are you 'working', per say?

Brennan: (finishes) No. Thank you, Ben.

Ben: No problem.

( The scene changes to a view of the side of the sea. Everyone is ready to get in, but Brennan notices somthing in the water )

Brennan: Wait.

( Brennan dives in and swims down to the object. A decomposed body is shown. She swims back to the top quickly)

Brennan: It's a body.

(in unison)
Ben: What?!
Dr. Bradley: What?!
Dr. Jamison: What?!

Brennan: I didn't get a good enough look at it to determine age or sex, but it's defenitely young.

Dr. Bradley: (shakes head) Just what we need.....a murder.

 (cut to theme song)


 (cut to another plane flying, fade to white, and Booth exiting a plane quickly)

Booth: (obviously flustered) (speaking into his cell) (walking towards the shore) A body?! You mean, like, human?!

Brennan: (in her cell by the shore) Yes, Booth, Human.

Booth: (groans) Well, what's the findings so far, Bones?

Brennan: Female, Caucasian, 11 to 15-

Booth: (shocked) A kid?!

Brennan: Yes, Booth...We've gathered samples...Hodgins is already here. (seems ill-at-ease)

Booth: Well, my plane got held up at the airport, some crack head went and-

Brennan: Booth, it's ok, I don't really mind.

Booth: Well I do. (now in front of Brennan but facing away from her) Now, where are you guys at again? That intern you got to call me was less than adept at directions.

Brennan: (smiles slightly) Booth, turn around.

Booth: (turns) Ah! (laughs and returns phone to pocket) There 'ya are, Bones! (smiles at her)

(They walk over to the forensics van. Hodgins is there, suited up. The body is on a gurney beside the van. Booth sees it and his smile disappears)







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