Dr. Jack 'The Bug Guy' Hodgins

Hodgins, "The Bug Guy", is the expert on dirt, insects, minerals, elements, etc. You name it, he knows the whole dictionary on it. His famous line when he answers the phone is: "Bugs, Slime, and Particulates. What's your poison?"

Hodgins was engaged to Angela, but it didn't work out in the end. He is currently single and his friendship with Angela is still in tact.

The only time we've really seen/heard alot about Hodgins was in the Gravedigger episode, 'Aliens in the Spaceship'. We learn alot about him, and it also opens up a big window for Hodgela. ( That ends up closing :( ) 

He is also a conspiracy theorist, and he has alot of money is the bank.

Dr. Camille 'Cam' Saroyan

Cam, a forensic anthropologist, ( Who isn't around her besides Booth? xD ) is an old friend of Booth's and also and old girlfriend. She is the Head of Anthropology at the Jeffersonian and supervises her fellow squints at all times. She is also their boss, as you most likely have guessed. :) 

Cam used to be a cop, although, for unknown reasons ( or at least unknown to me. :P ) she switched over to forensics. Cam isn't very open, so there is not much known about her or her past. We've met her family once, and watched her adopt a child in 'Doctor in the Den'. That's about it.


Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan

A socialy inept Forensic Anthropologist, Brennan is most comfotable around 'her bones'. In the episode 'The Man With The Bone', she yells, and I quote, "Where the hell are my bones?!" When they are taken from the Jeffersonian.

Brennan is only truly comfotable talking to her fellow 'squints' at the lab and Booth, her partner.

Being a famous Forensic Anthropologist, Brennan has been the victim of many kidnappings, attempted murders, shootings, and foul play. The Gravedigger, a gang-infuenced FBI Agent ( An old friend of Booths to add the icing on the cake. -_-), and our favorite psyhco Epps, (along with a few not-as-important-people) did these things, but Booth always saves the day!

Special Agent Seely Booth

Booth is an agent of the FBI's Homicide Investigations Unit, A former Army Sniper, and also Brennan's partner/'protector'. In the Pilot episode, Booth's boss, Sam Cullen, says that "Dr. Brennan is your resonsibility." when he becomes her partner again after their seperation. ( Apparently they WERE working together, then Brennan left him....or something confusing like that. )

Booth has a son named Parker, whom he named after a fallen army friend who died at the age of 20. Parker's mother and Booth never married, and they live apart.

Booth has never trusted any science or scientists apart from Brennan and the 'Squints'.

He also HAD a brain tumor-thingy! GO HIM!

Zack Addy

Zack is a forensic anthropologist who has a very high, genius IQ and he worked at the Jeffersonian during Seasons 1-3. Once the Gormagon case was solved, though, he was found to be the current 'minon' under the serial killer's infulence, and was sent to a mental institute for life because he admited to the murder of one of Gormogon's prey. But, as he tells Sweets in a later episode, he never actually killed someone. ( We knew you couldn't have gone such a thing! )  Although, we still see him in a few rare episodes where the squints need his brainpower.

Not much is known about Zack, seeing as he rarely talked about his emotions or thoughts, but we all know that the only time we know he truley meant to hurt someone was in 'The Women in the Sand', where he punched Hodgins in the face. ( Giving him a bloody nose. :) Go Zack! ) 

Angela Montenegro

Angela, Brennan's BFF, is the only squint that has extremely developed social skills. Since she doesn't actually work with the bones, ( she recreates the scene and the face of the victim ) she is not a Forensic Anthropologist, but an Artist that specializes in Facial Reconstruction. 

Angela USED to be married to a man who lives in Figi. After a few long, annoying episodes, he signs the divorce papers. Hodgins was going to marry Angela, but it didn't work out. (Hodgela went down the toilet. Boo-hoo) 

Angela is still friends will Hodgins, and just left her girlfriend. So she's currently single.

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